Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card

Tangerine is the original ING direct bank and is now offering the Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card, which is available in three categories (groceries, furniture, restaurants, hotels, refueling, monthly bills, pharmacy, building materials, Entertainment, public transport and parking), each consumption can be or 2% cash back, and opened the first three months after the card is now doubled to 4%. Other consumption can be 1% back now.

  • No annual fee
  • There is no upper limit
  • 1.5% foreign exchange conversion fee (if used outside, the Canadian general card has about 3% of the foreign exchange conversion fee)
  • Add a secondary card for free
  • see details

Scotia Momentum VISA Infinite card

Limited time! The first annual free annual fee of 4% to buy food back to the pharmacy and pay monthly bills (such as telephone network of water and electricity gas) 2% back to the family for daily expenses, or spending a larger individual, will undoubtedly be the best weapon, you can get back about $700 per year, comparable to tax rebates. You can also go to the grocery store to buy other gift cards, such as Bestbuy, so buy a 4% back to the electrical now. (Of course this trick can not be abused, or may be closed account)..

  • Refueling and supermarkets to buy vegetables 4% back now
  • Pharmacy and pay monthly bills (such as mobile phones, Internet, water, gas and even Gym membership fee) 2%
  • Other consumption 1% back now
  • Annual free annual fee, then $ 99
  • see details

TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite * Card

Open the card to send 20000 TD points (worth $ 100), 90 days after the card to send 5000 TD points, like to use expedia travel is appropriate, the ExpediaForTD.com consumption equivalent to 4.5% feedback..

  • Opening the card for the first time to send 20000 TD points, the value of $ 100
  • 90 days after the card to send 5000 TD points, add the user and then 5000 points.
  • Consuming $ 1 for ExpediaForTD.com (an expedia-designed travel site) gets 9 TD points (4.5%
  • 3 TD points per $ 1 (1.5% cash back)
  • Annual free annual fee, activities to 12/2/2016 deadline
  • see details