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Traxxas Aton Quadcopter Drone with Camera Mount






Experience the fun of sport flying with the Traxxas Aton quadcopter drone. Aton requires no experience to fly it and offers 3 flight modes, Film, Sport, and Expert. It’s easy to fly and offers fun for all skill levels. It has a built-in camera mount that lets you capture stunning aerial footage with your compatible action camera.


More Information

  • Quadcopter drone is ideal for anyone aged 14 and older, and is ready-to-fly
  • Features Traxxas auto-leveling 10-axis stabilizing technology that delivers smooth, level flying
  • Film Mode is ideal for beginners, offering automatic takeoff and return home, and features reduced noise while recording
  • Vibration damped fixed camera mount works with compatible Go Pro action cameras (sold separately)
  • Sport Mode offers the ability to do pre-programmed flips and rolls with the push of a button, and delivers more power, control, and speed
  • Expert Mode offers the ultimate in speed and performance, giving you complete control of Aton
  • Powerful brushless motors allow for amazing stunts, aerial acrobatics, and speeds up to 80km/h
  • Built-in air brakes stop and hover at the press of a button
  • Traxxas Flight Link and your compatible iOS or Android device allows you to check flight status, adjust film mode speeds, select and save user profiles, and more
  • GPS antenna is fully integrated into Aton, protected inside the roll hoop
  • Includes a powerful Traxxas iD battery that offers up to 20 minutes of flight time
  • LED status lights show you overall system status, whether Aton is on/off, if Aton has set a home location, and more
  • Durable frame is made from a special blend flexible, lightweight materials
  • High-visibility LED light pipes let you easily fly day or night
  • Props are designed for quiet and efficient flight


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