TaoTao 204 Foldable Electric Bike White


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Brand New – 2017, Tao Tao ‘FOLDIT 205’ Electric Bicycle 350+ Watt with a Lithium Battery!!!
X-MAS Super Sale Now at “ATV Edmonton” Store – Now only for $795.00 in a crate/box!!!
Ready to GO – $995 + 1 Year Warranty!!!
14611 – 131 ave. Edmonton AB. Ph.# 780 – 488-4949 www.atvedmonton.com
First off it’s powered by a 350+ watt brushless high hub motor along with a very powerful 36V-11AH lithium polymer battery. This beast can take you up to 27 km/h through the traffic, wherever it is you are going. So you can rest assured that you can get to places if required urgently.
Most notably; yes, it’s a foldable bike! Take it easily with you (and lightly too) where ever you decide to cruise and stop by on your motor powered bike. Perfect to store and keep in compact and small spaces!

You can rest assured that your kids will be riding safely because of the disk brakes installed in the front and in the rear. The 6 speed assistance levels and the shimano derailleur.
Key Features of the TAOTAO 250+Watt 36 Volt ‘FOLDIT 205’:

At full power it can get up to 27 km/h (17.8 m/h)
36V-11AH battery
350+ Watts motor, up to 60 km (38.4 miles) travel range per charge
Weights only 16.3 kg
Shimano brakes
Cruise control with LCD display
Smart battery charger: once the scooter is charged, the charger turns itself off preventing any potential damage to the battery

TAOTAO’s line of ‘FOLDIT 205’ is available in Yellow, Red and White colors, this bike is great for people of all ages.

E-Bikes are street legal, just like bicycles, and do not require driver’s license, insurance or registration. Best of all, E-Bikes do not require gas either! Just charge it and go!


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